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The Canadian Epigenetics, Environment and Health Research Consortium (CEEHRC) is a member of the International Human Epigenome Consortium (IHEC), which aims to produce and disseminate full reference human epigenome maps that are relevant to health and disease.

Reference epigenomes include whole-genome DNA methylation and histone modification maps as well as transcriptome data. Whole genome sequences, small RNA, and other data types are also available for some samples.

The CEEHRC network includes two epigenome mapping centres, in Vancouver and Montreal. The data produced by these centres (and other IHEC member projects) can be accessed at the links below.

Data Reuse Statement

To balance the interests of all stakeholders, resource users are asked to respect the ability of the data generators to publish an initial analysis of their own data in a timely manner so as not to slow the progress of science. For the purpose of this data release policy, "timely" refers to an initial period of nine months after the release of the data into public databases, which may take place sometime after the data are uploaded to this site. The submission and embargo end dates for all submitted data are available at data submission listing.

Downloading Data

The underlying sequence data both aligned (bam format) and raw (fastq format) is available via the study Reference epigenomes generated as part of the International Human Epigenomics Consortium (IHEC) at European Genome-phenome Archive. The data access can be obtained by emailing along with Please include the name of the study as referenced above. For reference and to clarify some of the requirements that need to be met before the access to data can be granted please consult the copy of Data Distribution Agreement along with annotated directions provided.

To obtain access to data, please reference EpiRR table to obtain the reference epigenome identifier for samples of interest and the associated secondary identifier (EGA dataset) in your request.

Citing CEEHRC Data

Datasets users will acknowledge the source of the Data by including language similar to the following either in the acknowledgment or in the text of the manuscript: “The results published here are in whole or part based upon data generated by The Canadian Epigenetics, Epigenomics, Environment and Health Research Consortium (CEEHRC) initiative funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Genome BC, and Genome Quebec. Information about CEEHRC and the participating investigators and institutions can be found at

Please send a link to all published papers that cite these data to