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CBW Epigenome Data

Course Objectives

High-throughput sequencing of Chromatin-Immunoprecipitated libraries (ChIP-seq) and of bisulfite converted DNA (WGBS) have become increasingly common and have largely supplanted microarrays for chromatin and DNA methylation profiling. When processed appropriately, ChIP-seq data provides base-pair resolution representations of transcription factor DNA-binding events and nucleosome (histone) modifications genome-wide. Similarly, WGBS can provide a quantitative genome wide profile of cytosine methylation.

The CBW has developed a 2-day course providing an introduction to histone ChIP-seq and WGBS data analysis followed by integrated tutorials demonstrating the use of open source ChIP-Seq and WGBS analysis packages. The tutorials are designed as self-contained units that include example data and detailed instructions for installation of all required bioinformatics tools (FASTQC, BWA, MACS2, FindER, samtools, Picard, BisSNP). The course also includes an overview of integrative epigenomic tools that have been developed to explore ChIP-Seq and WGBS data together with other epigenomic datasets such as RNA-seq, DHS-seq and ATAC-seq.

Participants will gain practical experience and skills to be able to:

  • Align ChIP-seq and WGBS sequence data to a reference genome (required)
  • Identify narrow and broad peaks from ChIP-seq data
  • Identify methylated levels from WGBS data
  • Visualize and summarize the output of ChIP-Seq and WGBS analyses
  • Explore integrative tools for epigenomic data sets

Lead Instructors: Martin HirstGuillaume BourqueDavid Bujold

For more information:

Event Start Date:
Jeudi, octobre 22nd 2020
Event End Date:
Vendredi, octobre 23rd 2020